Extramind was formed in 2003 as Extramind Consulting, Inc. and initially performed consulting work in the field of information technology and outsourcing of IT services. Later, it also added finance consultancy services into its list of services including financial due diligence review, tax audit and tax planning, business process review and documentation, among other things.

Also, in 2003 – Extramind joined hands with its software development partner firm Omega Business Consulting, Inc. in developing a web-based accounting system which eventually served as Extramind’s main tool in its delivery of outsourced bookkeeping services.

In late 2004, with a couple of young accountants employed, Extramind started its first few outsourced bookkeeping clients. The number of accountants and clients grew dramatically since and by end of 2005, Extramind employs a dozen accountants and deals with around 40 clients, producing more than 50 financial reports monthly.

In March 2006, Extramind Consulting, Inc. changed its corporate name to Extramind F&A Outsourcing, Inc. to show what it really is focused on doing. By middle of 2008, Extramind employs almost 30 accountants and its client list grows to close to 75, producing about a hundred financial reports monthly.

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