Engagement Modes

While mode of engagement with clients differs among the various clients of Extramind,
there are two distinct engagement modes for all bookkeeping clients of xMind.
These are the following:

1. On-line Mode (.pdf)

  • Allows client access to our financial system via internet
  • Real-time capture of transaction while it happens
  • Review of transactions & preparation of reports online by xMind Accounting Officers
  • Online access of reports by client
  • - Extended option :same as enabled mode but with xMind staff deployed at client’s office

2.Traditional Mode

  • xMind gets client’s transactions and/or information manually
  • Batch capturing of transactions
  • Software neutral, can use any of the common accounting software such as:
    • Quickbooks
    • Quicken
    • ACCPAC
    • Platinum
    • MAS 500
    • Sage
    • Greatplains/Dynamics
  • Enabled option: digital transmittal of documents and information
xMind also uses as its main tool its proprietary Time and Expense Reporting system or TKR for its service-oriented clients. This system captures the time spent on a particular engagement/client as well as chargeable out-of-pocket expenses. It helps produce reports needed by operations as well as summarizes transactions for accounting purposes. TKR is also a web-based system, developed under an open-source environment and running on Linux platform. This system is hosted internally under a very secured environment.

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